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It has become increasingly hard for us to consistently find/receive high-quality beads in quantity. This closure may or may not be permanent, but will be in effect for the foreseeable future. We still manufacture and sell high-demand beaded gemstone jewelry here at:

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10 Strands 4mm Hematite

10 Strands for $4.95
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25 Assorted Bracelets

25 Bracelets for $125
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8mm Round Beads

4 16'' Strands for $15.85
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     Welcome to our website. We hope the experience is a pleasant one for you. We strive to offer the best quality possible and still maintain a low price.  We have redesigned our website. We have been adding new items every day and eliminating some until their quality improves.  Please take the time to read our "Terms and Conditions".  This might clear up some questions that you have.  If you need any help using our website, send us an email:  

     Most of our correspondence in reference to a particular order will be done right on the order form itself. So, it is important for you to remember your order number and refer back to it from time to time. We try to keep it updated as to the process of your order.  There is a "sellers comments" area on the order form and information concerning shipping dates and carrier, back orders or other items of interest will be entered there.


     We hope you will visit our website whenever you have a need for additional beads!

      We have developed a second website for handcrafted semi-precious gemstone jewelry at wholesale prices. These items can be resold at craft shows, gift shops, boutiques or hair/nail salons. Also great for school fund-raising events and church, hospital or other organizations fund raisers.

     Looking for Sterling Silver Findings? Visit ! Ear Wires from $11.45 / 100

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