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25 Assorted Bracelets
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Each bracelet is handcrafted using semi-precious gemstones (jaspers, quartz, garnets, black onyx, blue onyx, mother of pearl, agates, goldstone, azurite, pyrite, lapis nevada, tiger eye, malachite, labradorite, hematite, tiger iron and many other gemstones), porcelain, cloisonne, fresh water pearls and Venetian glass. All genuine material is used in our jewelry. You can go to our "bracelet" catagory to look up samples of our bracelet designs. Each bracelet can be resold for up to $10.00. The bracelets will be our selection, each one different, from our inventory. They can be resold at craft shows (everyone seems to have a small amount of jewelry on their craft table), fund raisers, school promotions, gift boutiques and hair/nail salons. Each bracelet comes in it's own silver foil gift box (instant customer appeal). For more pictures, click here.


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