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It has become increasingly hard for us to consistently find/receive high-quality beads in quantity. This closure may or may not be permanent, but will be in effect for the foreseeable future. We still manufacture and sell high-demand beaded gemstone jewelry here at:

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                                                      INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS

To ship packages either by UPS or Federal Express, the cost runs around $50.00 -  80.00, depending on destination and weight. This does not include insurance or customs duties that you are required to pay. All shipments will have a tracking number   and insurance.  Since these costs are so high, I always use U.S. Postal Service,  Global Priority Mail.  This cost is $9.00 for up to 4 pounds in the GPM envelope.  The only problem with this service is:  INSURANCE IS NOT AVAILABLE and USPS will not put a tracking number on the package. There will be a customs duty charge when shipment is received.  Each country has it's owns custom charges and we do not know what they are for any country.  We have used this service for all of our international shipments and never had a problem.  So, it is your choice - we can not be held responsible for the package once it leaves the U.S. but would lend any help if there was a delivery problem.  

                                                              PROCESSING TIME      

The only way we can keep our prices as low as possible to to keep our overhead to a minimum.  This relates to "less people working".  We need 3-4 days to process your order.  We are located in Pennsylvania and use priority mail for most of our shipments. Priority mail usually takes 2-3 days depending on the distance your shipment has to travel.  USPS does not count the day the package is dropped off at the post office.  So, if you can place orders with this time line in mind, you and I will be much happier.  Shipping orders the next day is almost impossible.  


We accept Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, money orders and checks.  We do not process your payment method until your order has been processed and is available to ship. If you are using Paypal, we will determine the costs, including shipping and email these"charges to you. Same with money orders and checks.  Please pay Paypal as soon as possible when these costs are received so your shipment is not held up.  When entering your credit card, please verify that you typed the correct numbers.with a current expiration date. Otherwise, shipments will be held up until the correct info is received.   Try not to send a card number that will not go through. So many cards are declined and again this only delays your shipment.      

                                                                 BACK ORDERS  

If we know the beads missing in your order will be arriving within a few days, we will back order them.  All back orders are shipping at our expense.  If you do not want any beads back ordered, just let us know in the "comments" area on our order form.


We do not have a catalog.  We are constantly adding new products.  If the quality of any bead style does not meet our standards, we eliminate this style from our "items available" list until the quality improves.  All items that we carry are shown on our website., with photographs.    

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